3 Most Common Tooth Injuries in Sports

3 Most Common Tooth Injuries in Sports
3 Most Common Tooth Injuries in Sports

Playing a sport and getting injured kind of goes hand in hand. The scars and bruises often fondly reminds you of the good time you had. However, tooth injuries can be usually fixed up easily leaving no external marks, and given that millions of people suffer from dental injuries each year, that is a very fortunate thing. Here are the most common injuries one’s teeth can get during sports.

1. Cracked Teeth

A sudden blow to the face often causes a crack or fracture to the tooth, that varies in its level of severity. Neglecting to wear a mouth guard during a physical activity are quite likely to suffer from this injury, which pose the risk of having long term problems. There are certain symptoms of a cracked teeth. A sharp pain if you bite down, but goes away later, or an inconsistent tooth pain, or pain during meals, especially when you are having cold drinks or food, or just losing a portion of your outer tooth can mean you have a cracked tooth. Depending on the type of crack, this can be very serious, so do not ignore these symptoms.

2. Fractured Roots

Not all tooth injuries are limited to the crown. Depending on the angle of the impact and your bad luck, there is a possibility of fracturing the roots of your teeth as well. And the problem with root fractures are that they are often invisible, so you might not discover it prior to an infection. The sooner the fracture is discovered, the less chance of losing the teeth.

3. Tooth Intrusion

This is just as nasty as the name suggests. With a very wrong angle and large blow, instead of the tooth fracturing itself, it can go backwards to the jawbone. Although this is not a very common injury, it tends to happen more with children as their alveolar bones are not very hard, and is easier for intrusion. This injury can cause permanent tooth loss due to destruction of the tooth pulp. All sports related tooth injuries should be immediately taken to a professional as soon as possible because even if the problems are invisible to the naked eye, a simple blow to the mouth can have big repercussions later on.

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