Pay Attention to Your Oral Health

Pay Attention to Your Oral Health
Pay Attention to Your Oral Health

The condition of your mouth and teeth can indicate a lot in terms of health issues. Remember that abnormalities are symptoms of underlying problems and here we try to cover some commonly found symptoms and their causes:

Discoloration of Teeth: Blood pressure medicines, tetracycline, and mouth rinses etc. can cause the teeth to become yellow over time. Professional help on whitening can help not only with superficial stains but also the overall appearance of teeth.
Flat, Worn Teeth: Bruxism is the phenomenon of grinding teeth at night which could indicate a deeper emotional or psychological stress issue. See a dentist to get a custom-made splint to use at night and help relieve any jaw pain or headache.
Less Saliva: Other than smoking and drinking, a dry mouth could also be due to diabetes. This happens when the blood vessels in the salivary glands flare up and interrupt the production of saliva. If left untreated, this can lead to infections.
Ulcers and Sores: One of the most common mouth problems is ulcers. But if it happens frequently in one area and lead to bleeding and numbness, visit the dentist immediately as it could be oral cancer, more so if you are a smoker.
Bleeding Gums: Bleeding during or after brushing could be a sign that you have gingivitis. So floss and brush your teeth every day and visit a hygienist periodically. If left untreated, it could lead to teeth falling out.
Bad Breath: Other than poor oral hygiene, bad breath also serves as a symptom that some other part of the body is not healthy. Indigestion and liver disease, or stomach disorders could also lead to it.

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