What a smile can do

What a smile can do

healthy smileA smile is a powerful, biologically-uniform way that humans use to express ourselves, across different societies and even across cultures.  A smile is a hugely important way that we communicate with each other, although it seems that while we – as adults, might smile from 5 to 20 times a day- children are the ‘winners’  who have smile energy and the ability to smile as many as 400 times a day.

There’s magic in a smile

Everyone can spread magic in their smile.

A smile can show that you are happy and happy people can draw other people like magnets.

Studies in psychology have shown that happy people experience a ton of positive outcomes, even without involving the element of attraction.

Smiling shares a room with happiness

A smile is warm.  And people are drawn to others who show warmth.  Smiling encourages positive interactions because when one is happy, that individual generally spreads happiness.

What else can a smile do?

  • a smile can make you look younger than your age.  Believe it or not, a smile can actually provide you with a natural face-lift.  A smile turns up the corners of your mouth, raise the lines on your entire face, cheeks, jowls and neck.  Think about how  smile can even save you money.  Smile instead.
  • Smiling brings a ‘party to your brain’.  Research has discovered that a smile can generate the same level of brain stimulation as up to 2,000 bars of chocolate!  This can be tracked and physiologically correlated with an increase in the level of dopamine, endorphins, and serotonins – all of which are natural body pain relievers.
  • When you smile, you look good and feel good, and when others see you smile, they smile and feel good too.

Smiling and your mental health

Smiling can help you stop feeling sad.

Researchers in one study found that a group of people who had lost people close to them – loved ones, for example – were greatly helped when they smiled or laughed as they remembered their deceased loved ones, about the positive things they left behind.  These people were found to be less distressed, mentally healthier and better at handling their grief 25 months after that person had passed away.

Mother Teresa in “The Untapped Power of Smiling” (Savitz, 2017)
“I will never understand all the good that a simple smile can accomplish”

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